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Brass Flugel Horn
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Orchestra conductor Ray Farr Brass Flugel Horn front view Brass Flugel Horn buttons Brass Flugel Horn back view

We started the design process for our Flugel Horn, in conjunction with Ray Farr, on the basis the world did not need another very good instrument. According to an extensive poll of highly respected musicians, what is desired, is an instrument that is easier to play in all registers, especially the higher and retained a big, well centred Flugel sound.

Combining all of Ray Farr's experience and expertise, with that of our chief designer's acoustic and mechanical engineering skills, enabled us to embark on a re-design of the Flugel; the magnitude of which had not been attempted since Adolphe Sax, Distin, Michael Saurle or whoever is attributed with its initial development!

A key design feature of the unique Ray Farr Signature Raw Brass Flugel Horn is the conical flair of its bell which amplifies the sound. The combination of the unique alloy used in the Bell's manufacture with Random Mass design, Rimless construction, Bell Stayless™ and a lacquer-less finish, all combine to produce a world class instrument which countless musicians who've tried it consider it to be the best Flugel they've ever played!

The Ray Farr Signature Raw Brass Flugel Horn is produced in Bognor Regis, West Sussex by our company - County Instruments. Customer preferences, such as the choice of whether to incorporate a third valve trigger, can be accommodated during production. We manufacture to order and sell direct from the factory via our website. The Ray Farr Signature Raw Brass Flugel Horn is not available from retail outlets.

The only way to really appraise an instrument is in the environment with which the player is familiar - home and band practice. To make an instant decision in a shop after a short period does not offer a thorough examination of an instrument's true potential. It is for this reason we offer three weeks' approval. To obtain details click on the 'Contact Request', then complete and submit form.