Hello; I’m Chris Waters, Player and brass-loving through-and-through. I studied and worked as a mechanical engineer and became Senior Acoustic Engineer at the world-famous Goodmans Loudspeakers (Havant) before successfully running Gabriels Horn House. In 2010, armed with this background and wealth of experience, I started the Flugel re-design process on the basis the world didn’t need yet another good Flugel, it needed one that was revolutionary better, eradicating historic Flugel problems in the known areas of intonation, hard-blowing and projection. My workshop is littered with prototypes that did not come up to the high standard I wanted and when you re-design something of course, you have to make a lot of prototypes before the absolute Gem appears.

Combining mine and Ray Farr’s experience and expertise, after much consultation, eventually the “Gem” was born and together we launched the Ray Farr Raw Brass Flugel, both being very satisfied with the final design which had been applauded by many musicians who tested it for us over the months.

Key design features are the specially designed conical flair and diameter of the Bell, the particular alloy used in the Bell’s manufacture with its random mass rimless design and finally its unique Bell Stayless construction. These very important features combine to produce this world class Flugel, which countless musicians from the four corners of the globe who’ve tried it and purchased, consider it to be the best Flugel they’ve ever played.

None of this is rocket science, it’s simply good old fashioned engineering and acoustic common sense, allowing the Bell to do what bells should do – ring without restraint! If you were to restrict a church bell it would sound far duller than when ringing free.

For Zoe Hancock from Black Dyke having tried the Flugel for several weeks to say in a British Bandsman article “The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading Flugels haven’t mastered yet”, sums the instrument up, resulting in the success we’re having throughout the UK, Europe, the USA, Japan and being very much in demand in Norway.

The Ray Farr Raw Brass Flugel Horn is produced in Havant, Hampshire by me and a small team of engineers; we’re responsible for machining component parts, engraving, assembling, plating and detailed inspection at every stage. Plating options are 24 carat Gold Plate, or Bright Silver Plate, with further options of having the main body and bell in one plate, contrasting the finger tops, valve tops/bottoms, slides and waterkeys with the opposite plate colour.

We manufacture to order and sell direct from the factory via this website. The lead-time to make a Flugel is currently about four weeks.flugel-case-600


Top sprung Monel Valves honed to 0.0002” on diameter. Large Bore 0.462” with a 7” diameter Bell, with the large bore and large bell exponential flair being inexorably linked to the Flugel’s exacting intonation in all registers and its fine projection of sound.


Complete instrument in Bright Silver Plate, or the Finger Tops, Valve Tops/Bottoms, Slides/Trigger and Waterkeys contrasted in 24 carat Gold Plate £2,450.

Complete instrument in 24 carat Gold Plate, or the Finger Tops, Valve Tops/Bottoms, Slides/Trigger and Waterkeys contrasted in Bright Silver Plate £2,860.


The only way to really appraise an instrument is of course in the environment which the player is familiar – home, band practice and concerts/contests. To make an instant decision at a contest Trade Stand after a short period does not offer enough playing time to appreciate the Flugel’s true potential. This is why we offer three weeks’ approval throughout the world.


Free delivery anywhere in the UK and Europe is a big feature of our service, with just a £60 delivery cost worldwide. We’ve delivered as far as New York (Douglas Berry in the New York Salvation Army Staff Band), Australia and Japan.


If you’d like more information or would like to chat about the instruments, please do not hesitate to contact us; we’re here to help! Weekends are fine and if your call goes to messaging, we’ll call you back soonest.

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